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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


The extended briefing session devoted to the results of 2017 was held in the Main Police Department of Baku city with the participation of the Minister in the Ministry of Internal Affairs on January 18.
 Having opened the meeting with the introductory speech, the Minister noted that building processes carried out in the country and successful continuity with the law enforcement policy by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, as well as orders and instructions allocated for execution by the Ministry  in this connection had a positive effect on activities of the metropolitan police. It was mentioned that proposals on comprehensive analysis of the operational situation in Baku city and its select districts, improvement of relations with studying negative processes and changes, improvement of the effectiveness of service and operational activities are prepared and allocated for execution.  
The Minister of Internal Affairs emphasized that all necessary measures are taken to further strengthen maintenance of public order and timely prevent any diversion threats during numerous large-scale international and republican events.

Chief of the Main Department of Baku city, Police Major General Mirgafar Seyidov delivered a detailed report on activities carried out and results achieved in crime prevention, maintenance of public order and security and other spheres during the reporting period as well as on the current challenges and tasks.
 It was noted that the number of grave and especially grave crimes including intentional homicides decreased by 6% as compared with the previous year, attempted murders - by 4.8%, robberies – by 10%, plunders by 16%, roguishness – by 3.4%, the number of car thefts – by 6.3, and hooliganism – by 12.2.
Solution of 80% of crimes, 78.7% of grave crimes, 69.7% of crimes committed under unknown circumstances, 94.4% of crimes against personality including 92.9% of intentional homicides and 96.9% of attempted murders, 90.2% of severe bodily injuries, 80% of kidnapping was provided.
Police Major General M.Seyidov emphasized the important role of up-to-date information technologies in crime prevention and solution and noted that employees of the Safe City service of the Main Department and territorial police bodies detected 5301 facts; 316 crimes were solved using the archival records of surveillance cameras.
It was also noted that 73.7% of wanted accused persons and 55.1% of persons wanted for commission of grave and especially grave crimes were arrested.
More than 272 kg of drug substances were withdrawn from illegal trafficking on 802 facts.
The number of road traffic accidents in the capital decreased by 5.6% and the number of injured persons decreased by 20% as compared with 2016, as well as appropriate measures were applied to 92 reckless drivers in accordance with the legislation.
It was mentioned in the report that handling of applications and complaints received from citizens was under strict control in the reporting year, 74,283 applications and appeals and 1,915 citizens were received.
At the same time, the Chief of the Main Department touched upon shortcomings in activities and shared detailed information on the work done and current tasks to be fulfilled for their elimination.
Touching upon the report in their speeches, the chiefs of relevant services and district police departments told about positive results and existing shortcomings as well as measures to be taken for their elimination.
Summarizing the session, the Minister assessed positively the activity of police bodies of the capital carried out in 2017 in crime prevention and public security maintenance, set specific tasks and gave recommendations.

Ramil Usubov encouraged the chiefs of main departments and their structural units to improve operational and preventive work effectiveness, to support territorial police bodies in crime prevention and solution, to take more effective measures in future to prevent crimes against property which constitute the major part of registered crimes, as well as to intensify operational activities for withdrawing more narcotic substances especially potent drugs from illegal circulation.
The Minister also noted that each law enforcement officer must honorably represent the police, protect interests of the state and its citizens, discharge their duties, strictly observe the rules of ethical conduct and provide satisfaction of citizens as the primary goal of their activities.
Colonel General R.Usubov expressed firm belief that the metropolitan police officers will worthily discharge all tasks set by President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev and duties assigned on them in the sphere of crime prevention, maintenance of public order and security, and make their contribution to protection of security and tranquility at the high level during various social and political, cultural and sporting events, international contests, public events and memorable festivities in Baku city this year.