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Press Release by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

On January 22, the operational meeting dedicated to the finals of the works done in 2017 and the upcoming tasks was held in the Special Mobile Police Regiment.
The Minister of Internal Affairs, colonel-general Ramil Usubov opening the meeting with the introductory speech has announced the agenda of the event. After approval of the agenda and the Regulations, the commander of Special Mobile Police Regiment, the police major-general Zaur Abdullayev delivered a speech with report on the works done in the reporting period and the upcoming tasks.
The commander of the Regiment made a note that the staff involved to 40 mass events held in various places of the country and the events of Republican and international importance coped with the tasks undertaken decently. The criminal situation was kept under control in the areas where the patrol detachments conducts service, joint necessary measures were taken together with the police authorities of the capital for detection and prevention of the crimes and other law violations. Consequently, 30.667 persons were detained in posts or routes, as well as 821 persons who committed various crimes, 29.846 persons who committed administrative offences were detained and legal measures were taken about them. 300 persons of those who were detained for unlawful actions were persons who committed hooliganism, 257 of them were persons who committed theft, 21 of them were persons who committed robbery, 49 of them were persons who committed fraud, 90 of them were persons who were engaged in illegal turnover of narcotic drugs, 80 of them were persons who were searched and 24 of them were persons who committed other crimes.
Furthermore, 1166 persons were identified for small hooliganism, 2899 persons were identified for idleness and beggary, 1.586 persons creating domestic ballyhoo were identified and transferred to related police authorities. The number of crimes and administrative offences detected were 7.7 % more in comparison with the previous period.
The police major general Zaur Abdullayev speaking about the successes of the personnel in the last year noted with pleasure that during the reporting period the free wrestling, relay-race, armless self-defense, sambo, judo teams of the regiment have won various tournaments, a number of associates have gained high results in international competitions.
It was particularly stressed that the associates welcomed with gratitude the daily care and attention of the management of the MIA to the Special Mobile Police Regiment, the decisions adopted for its development.

The commanders of the patrol detachments delivering speech about the report spoke about the results of the works done, the shortcomings and errors made in service, the measures to be taken in the direction of prevention of them within short period of time.
The minister of internal affairs finalizing the meeting highly appreciated the finals of the activities of the previous year and gave his tasks and recommendations.

The colonel general Ramil Usubov delivered to the attention the importance of implementation of raising service, battle and moral-psychological training of personnel as one of the most important duties in this field, paying attention to appearance of the officers in pre-service instructions and dress codes, deep study of their duties, functions and rights defined by the law.
The Minister stating that the Regiment has great experience in provision of the security in mass events noted the importance of international important sport competition as “2018 formula 1 Azerbaijan grand prix” to be held in Baku in April, as well as mass events related to 100th anniversary of the People’s Republic of Azerbaijan, execution of the upcoming tasks in a high level, all organizational works in timely manner, bringing the forces and means to full ready condition during the events, vigilance of post-patrol duties, regular following the dynamics of crimes and events, conducting training and exercises with the purpose of improving professionalism.

It was stated that one of the duties of the police defined by the law is to provide assistance to the persons whose life and health is at stake. Mr. Ramil Usubov focusing on positive examples on this issue, welcoming sensitive attitude and care to the people, further raising the reputation of the police spoke about the importance of strict compliance with ethical norms, principle of law, human rights and freedoms in communication with the citizens, improvement of battle training of the personnel, giving importance to settlement of social and domestic challenges, the difficulties encountered by the associates.
The minister of internal affairs Ramil Usubov delivering to the attention that the country management has created all kind of possibilities to perform the service duties successfully, the personnel was surrounded with comprehensive state care has assured the president of Azerbaijan Republic Excellency Ilham Aliyev that the Special Mobile Police Regiment will resolutely perform the duties and all tasks for protection of public order and provision of public security, prevention of crimes and other law violations, will justify the trust with its loyal services.
The relevant orders of the minister of internal affairs on awarding of a group of associates being distinguished in execution of the service duties last year were announced at the end of the meeting and the colonel general Ramil Usubov presented the awards to their holders.